The Doctors: 24-Hour Breast Lift + Are Breast Implants Right For You?


The Doctors: The Insta-Breast

Dr. Rachael Ross started The Doctors show by asking viewers, if they could get a 24-hour boost for their bust, would they do it?

There’s a procedure dubbed “the insta-breast” that is a 20-minute procedure that injects saline into a woman’s breast, enlarging them for 24 hours. The “quick pick-me-up” costs anywhere from $2,500-3,500. The question is, is it really worth it?


The Doctors: 24-Hour Breast Lift + Are Breast Implants Right For You?

The Doctors discussed the 24-hour breast lift that helps patients considering breast implants. (CandyBox Images /

Dr. Andrew Ordon spoke first, saying it was actually “a good way to see if the shoe fits.” He said they take sterile saline, similar to what they do with liposuction technique, and using a 16 gauge needle, pass under the breast tissue and go above the major pectoral muscle tissue, to inject the saline. Dr. Ordon said he doesn’t actually perform the procedure in his office, but The Doctors welcomed the doctor who invented the “insta-breast,” Dr. Norman Rowe, a board certified plastic surgeon.

Dr. Stork then asked him, “why not just a push-up bra?” Dr. Rowe explained that the main reason he does the procedure is because it may show a woman what a breast augmentation may do for her. He said if the woman does decide to get an augmentation done, the insta-breast procedure could help her decide what size implant to get.


The Drs TV: Considering Breast Implants

Dr. Rowe explained that if a patient comes in contemplating having a breast augmentation done and they’re unsure, he’ll do the insta-breast procedure on them. He explained that as a plastic surgeon, there are various methods used to show a patient what plastic surgery could do for them, including 3D imaging, and he believes the 24-hour breast lift is just “another tool in the toolbox” to help show them what they would look like.

Dr. Ross asked if the $2,500-3,500 went toward the breast implants if she decided to have it done after the 24-hour breast lift, or if that was an additional cost. Dr. Rowe explained that if the woman decides to go ahead with the surgery after having the procedure done, then yes, it is applied to the cost of surgery.

Dr. Ordon said he heard of people using the procedure for special events, and joked about a woman going to bed on her honey moon with a C-cup and then waking up the next morning leaving her husband wondering “what happened?”

Dr. Ross made a point to say that they don’t want to hear about people performing the procedure at home. Dr. Stork said that the procedure is meant as a tool to see if breast augmentation could be for you, and not as part of your makeup routine for a night out on the town.



  1. says

    I hope this is going to the Doctors show. In would give anything to have a breast augmentation, or lift. Whichever would he best for me
    I had my first child when I was almost 17. I now have 2 more children, and absolutely do not even remember what my breast looked like before I had my children. I feel so self conscious about them. They just hang there. I have even tried push-up bras and they still don’t look right. I know I will never be able to get the surgery to fix them, because I could never come up with that amount of money. A woman can always dream I guess, and believe me that’s what I do everyday. In have even ordered this silicone tape that you put on a certain part of your breast that is supposed to hold them up. It does not work. Is there anything that would help me, anything. Would try almost anything. I look horrendous in a bathing suit. Some of it could be because I was over weight, and now I have lost all my extra weight, and I am so happy about that, but now my breast look even worse. Any ideas, any at all? I would be more than grateful. Thank you, so much Lisa Brewer

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    I had my first child right before I turned 17. I had my next child at 20. I now have another one, but it was years later. I can not even remember what my breast looked like before I had my children. I would give anything to get a lift, or augmentation to get them back up where they should be. I have been over weight since having my youngest son. He is 12 now, and that’s how long I was over weight. I have finally just lost all the weight, and I am positive it had made my breast look even worse. There is no way at this time in my life I could afford the surgery. Is there anything at all you could recommend to help. I have ordered these things advertised that was type of silicone tape I think, and you were to put them on a certain place on your breast, and it was supposed to hold them up. Surprise it did not work. I have bought push up bras and I guess where my breast are what I call deflated they really do nothing to help. Please if there is any suggestions you could give me I would be more than grateful. I can’t even wear a bathing suit, and since listing all the weight that’s all I want to do. Thank you, so much just for listening to me. Thank you, Lisa Brewer

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