The Doctors: Options For Hip Pain Relief + PRP & Stem Cell Therapy


The Doctors: Chronic Hip Pain

The Doctors took a closer look at the story of Stacy, who explained that her hip starting hurting her about a year and a half ago when she was training for a fitness competition.

She was a physique competitor in the bikini division and now she can barely lift weights with her legs. She hasn’t been able to compete in her sport, which was extremely depressing for her. She shared that she’s getting married, and she’s concerned about her hip because she wants to be able to dance with her new husband. She’s seen several doctors, but none of them could figure out what’s wrong. She’s worried that the end result could be surgery.


The Doctors: Options For Hip Pain Relief + PRP & Stem Cell Therapy

The Doctors took a closer look at some options available to those suffering from chronic hip pain. (Sebastian Kaulitzki /

The Doctors set Stacy up with an orthopedic specialist, Dr. Neil Ghodadra. She showed him that the pain in her hip is only on the right side, more toward the middle. She said it hurts all the time, and is usually either a dull ache or a sharp pain.

The Drs TV: Labrum Tear & Hip Dysplasia

Dr. Ghodadra asked her if anyone in her family has hip problems, and she shared that her mom has already had a hip replacement and her younger sister just had a hip surgery as well.


Dr. Ghodadra said he was pretty sure he knew what was going on, but wanted to get an x-ray and an MRI in order to come up with a plan for how to fix it. Dr. Ghodadra and Stacy were on the show to share her diagnosis.

Dr. Ghodadra explained that Stacy had a tear in her labrum and she also has hip dysplasia. He explained that the hip is a ball and socket joint that typically has a nice “roof” to it. In her case, the “roof” has retracted back a little bit, and because she’s so active, the labrum, which is torn, is the cushion in that joint. She kept hitting the cushing repeatedly, which caused the tear, and then the pain.

The Doctors: Options For Hip Pain Relief

Dr. Ghodadra explained that in order to repair it, he basically had to glue the labrum back together. In order to do that, he had to perform a type of surgery called hip arthroscopy. He said the good news is that it’s minimally invasive, outpatient, takes just 45 minutes, and then Stacy can go home.

If Stacy were to decide she didn’t want to go the surgery route, there were some option for giving her temporary pain relief. He said they had something called PRP and something else called stem cells. PRP is platelet rich plasma, and involves taking your own blood, spinning it, and taking the platelets in a very high concentration, almost ten to one what the normal blood has, and then injecting that back in. The idea behind PRP is that when you do a heavy concentration of it, not only does it go to the site of the tear, but it also improves growth factors to help it heal.

They could also recruit stem cells to that area. The idea is that if stem cells are recruited there, sometimes it can provide enough pain relief for the patient that there’s virtually no pain.

The Doctors shared that Dr. Ghodadra offered to repair her hip for free.


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