The Doctors: Option For Chronic Pain Relief + Freeze Suffering Away


The Doctors: Chronic Pain Relief

On The Doctors, Dr. Travis Stork shared that over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and Jennifer was another statistic until she found another way.

Jennifer explained that she was a very active person because she was a stay-at-home mom with four kids. One day she walked into a public bathroom, slipped, and hit her head. She said her life changed after that, and started getting shooting pain from her head, to her jaw, and down her neck. She even experienced pain between her shoulder blades.


She said she didn’t want to take a bunch of pills for the rest of her life, so she tried physical therapy and even epidural injections. She said the injections would help, but only for a few days. She said she had reached the end of her wits and knew that she needed to be able to focus on her relationships at home with her husband her kids.

The Drs TV: Cryoablation For Chronic Pain Relief

The Doctors: Option For Chronic Pain Relief + Freeze Suffering Away

The Doctors took a closer look at a treatment available to those suffering from chronic pain. (Kzenon /

She said the symptoms were endless and constant and there wasn’t a second of a day that went by where she didn’t want to just “crawl up in a ball and cry” and that’s when cryoablation was offered to her.


She said once it happened, she felt like a completely different person. The severity decreased and she went from not being able to see to having no vision problems. She said it’s been six months and now the symptoms are starting to come back a little bit. She said she’s terrified of going all the way back to where she was. She’s electing to have the procedure done again.

The Doctors: Avoid Needless Suffering

The Doctors had been discussing unhealthy sins that we don’t even know we’re committing and number three was needless suffering. Dr. Travis Stork explained that there are so many treatments and options available that there is no reason to suffer.

Jennifer was actually on the show, in the procedure room with Dr. Andrew Ordon, to undergo a procedure that actually freezes pain away. Dr. Vernon D. Williams, the neurologist and pain management specialist performing the procedure on Jennifer, explained that the procedure is done using focused cold therapy, which can literally stop a nerve from sending pain signals. He said it’s a procedure that doesn’t involve any injections into the body or the use of any oral medications. It just modulates the nerve signals and stop the pain.

Dr. Rachael Ross asked if there was a potential for the patient to have rebound pain worse than before, after undergoing the procedure. Dr. Williams said no, because the procedure focuses the cold therapy on a very specific and safe zone. They stay outside of the unsafe temperature at which it could cause pain.

The Drs TV: Freeze Away Chronic Pain

To explain how the procedure works, Dr. Williams had Jennifer sit on a stool and lean over slightly to reveal the back of her neck. She had already been given a little bit of local anesthetic to numb the area. They then applied the local cold therapy using a special device that is small and easy to use. The device is the inserted into the back of her neck, and liquid nitric oxide was going through the probes and circulating through the unit. Nothing was actually going through the body. The nitric oxide cycled through in just about 60 seconds.

Dr. Travis Stork asked what other conditions the treatment might be effective for and Dr. Williams said he had experience using it for osteoarthritis and knee pain.

Dr. Ordon said that a lot of patients don’t want injections, so it’s good to know they have another option. The procedure and the device called Lovera, freeze the nerve with needles chilled to 120 degrees below zero.

Dr. Ross asked how long the pain relief will last, and Dr. Williams explained that it will relieve pain for about three months or so on average. It’s certainly a great option for pain relief, especially given that it’s non-invasive, non-toxic, and non-addictive.



  1. says

    AA friend has terrible pain in both his back and his knees. His wife has terrible pain in her feet but is up for an operation soon. They live in Langley, B.C. Would you please advise us where the nearest clinic or Doctor is to Langley/Vancouver B.C. so that they can make an appointment with Dr. Williams? Thank you for showing this article and the wonderful, informative The Doctors show.

  2. Patricia Vannelli says

    Is Lovera available in all states? What type of doctor would administer this procedure? I have osteoarthritis and the knee pain is at times awful. I would need a doctor in Pittsburgh, Pa.

  3. says

    I would like to know where this treatment is available? I have severe knee pain at times & this would be wonderful. Also, l know of many people who have a lot of pain & l know this would be so beneficial to them. Where does one have to be trained to do this procedure & how long does this training take? Thank you so much.

  4. Martha Carson says

    I am having S I joint pain. It has been going on for several years and have had injections, therapy,and pain management with no relief. Can Lovera be used for this? Where can I find a doctor near Pensacola, Florida?

  5. Essie Jarrett says

    Can this be use on someone who’s had knee replacement? I can barely get my knee to bend due to damp weather.when that happens pain is unbearable & P.T. is impossible because I can’t handle pain.Do I have a chance with lovera?

  6. Shelly Clayton says

    Does this work if the pain is caused from bone on bone? I am inquiring for my dad. His shoulders are AWFUL and he is in excruciating pain.

  7. Silvia B. says

    I too watched this episode and am looking forward to going to a doctor that performs this treatment for severe pain in my neck and back. The actual treatment is called “Cryoanalgesia”(Freeze away pain). As correction to Ms. Hayden’s name of this specific unit used on the episode, it is called “IOVERA”. I immediately went on line to research it and found the website which also gives a list of doctors who use this device. It is

  8. where can I get the Lovera Freeze treatment in Georgia says

    My wife has had Multiple back surgery and also a knee replacement. She has constant pain. I hope you can tell us a place to go to try this procedure.

  9. James Saville says

    where can I get the Lovera Freeze treatment in Georgia. My wife has had Multiple back surgery and also a knee replacement. She has constant pain. I hope you can tell us a place to go to try this procedure.

  10. Kathy Rock says

    My brother saw your show about Lovera Freeze treatments and he has had low back nerve pain since 1987. Can you direct me to a doctor in Madison, WI who would do these type of treatments? Thank you.

  11. Steve says

    I am a gulf war vet and suffer from migraines and joint pain and have been though many different types of treatments with no relief. The V.A. does not offer this treatmentioned where is it available?

  12. Jean corsini says

    I am looking for more studies on this procedure. How many studies have their been and the success rate. I would appreciate more info.

  13. Lisa says

    THANKS SiLVIA B! I found several sites that have in home cold therapy kits. A few have to be prescribed by your doctor. There seems to be more info when you search Cryoanalgesia. Maybe because this is the name for the treatment and not the device. Hope this helps some of you. I’m searching to find the treatment in Vancouver BC Canada. I think people will get more info by contacting a pain control doctor in their area. They would be first to know about this and use it. So far, I see its approved in Canada as a cosmetic treatment for wrinkles. So, Canadians might want to talk to dermatologists or plastic surgeons. If I find anything listing MORE doctors in more areas of the USA or Canada, I’ll post it here right away. Hopefully anyone finding links first will post for the rest of us too.

  14. says

    I found a cure for my chronic pain; discovering what the cause was!

    I have MS and have been in acute pain for years. I accepted that this was my fate. A trip to the urologist, however, revealed I have an enlarged prostate gland. The treatment for this has eradicated most of my pain. Woo hoo

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