The Doctors: New GPS Knee Replacement Surgery Proceedure & Knee Pain


The Doctors: Knee Pain

Sandra has been a police officer for 24 years. She injured her knees during a training exercise 17 years ago and has been suffering constant stabbing and throbbing pain ever since. At the time, she had light abrasions on her knee following the training exercise but didn’t think anything of it. Now, the pain is so bad it has hindered her ability to do her job, even after she had surgery to fix it.

The Doctors: New GPS Knee Replacement Surgery

The Doctors: New GPS Knee Replacement Surgery Proceedure & Knee Pain

The Doctors looked at a new procedure that utilizes GPS in knee replacement surgery.


Sandra was recently told she needed total knee replacement surgery. So The Doctors set her up with surgeon Dr. Jaime Hernandez who used GPS technology to perform the procedure. One of the key parts of knee replacement surgery is trying to figure out how to get the proper components into exactly the right place in the knee. In the past, surgeons used protractors and rulers to place the knee components inside.

The new GPS technology tells the doctors exactly where to place the implants. “The trick is, how do you get these pieces in there exactly to fit her knee perfectly? And that’s where all this computer stuff comes in,” Dr. Hernandez said.

The procedure involves putting a GPS device on either side of the knee to help determine the exact shape of her bones and her knee in order to know how to line the parts up properly and how to perfectly tighten the pieces up so that it’s not too loose in the leg.


“I think next year there’s going to be a Smart Phone app,” Dr. Travis Stork joked. Dr. Hernandez said that the device in all seriousness will actually send a text to the doctor when something goes wrong with the knee.

The Doctors: Life After Knee Replacement

Sandra got the procedure done in one knee five months ago and the other one one month ago. She said that her knee pain is gone and that her knees are great now. Before, she had a limp because the pain was so bad. Now, Sandra said she was walking “kind of cool.” Then she showed off her best cool strut on The Doctors stage.

Check it out below, although I warn you, the knee replacement surgery is not for the faint of heart:



  1. Carolyn Davoli Reisz says

    I saw the GPS knee replacement sur. on the DRS. My knees are causing me so much pain I cannot get out of bed I no LIFE. I could really use some HELP. My story is a little longer no DRS. will help me. I live IN QHIO PLEASE HELP!

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