The Doctors: Cosmetic Surgery Just For Selfies? + Hand Lift Procedure


The Doctors: Selfie Craze Out Of Control?

As Dr. Travis Stork said on The Doctors, selfies are a global phenomenon. The question was: is the craze getting out of control?

One woman named Amanda shared her story, explaining that although she recently got engaged, she hasn’t yet posted a picture of the ring on social media, because she’s too embarrassed by her “bony, vein-y” hands. She said she wanted her hands to look a lot fuller and “more attractive.”


Her fiance simply said, “happy wife, happy life.”

The Drs TV: Hand Lift For Engagement Selfie

The Doctors: Cosmetic Surgery Just For Selfies? + Hand Lift Procedure

The Doctors took a closer look at the woman who got a hand lift just so she could take a better engagement hand selfie. (Bartek Zyczynski /

Amanda met with Dr. Ariel Ostad to undergo a hand lift procedure. Dr. Ostad explained that a hand lift is a procedure where they can non-surgically rejuvenate the hands by injecting a filler material into the hand. The material will fill in around the tendons and things that make someone self-conscious about their hands looking “old.”


Dr. Ostad explained that there are a variety of fillers used to rejuvenate the hands that range from using your own body fat to using a simple filler. Dr. Ostad chose to inject Juvederm, which he said was a very natural substance found within your skin. Amanda would be able to immediately see results and feel like her hands have been completely rejuvenated within ten minutes.

Amanda was very happy with the results and immediately took a picture of her hand to show off her engagement ring and her rejuvenated hand.

Amanda and Dr Ostad joined The Doctors on the show. Amanda said she was so happy with the results, and Dr. Rachael Ross said she was blown away that Amanda went through the procedure just for a hand selfie.

The Doctors: Hand Lift Procedure + Increase In Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Ross explained that what she thinks is happening is that as women age, the hands “tell your true age.” She said she’s used to seeing older women, such as those in their 50s, undergoing the hand lift, rather than a young woman like Amanda.

Dr. Ostad said just in the last year, there’s been approximately a 40% increase in the young people coming in, particularly wanting their hands to look great in selfies and pictures. Dr. Ross said we’re taking the selfie thing too far if we’re starting to get hand lifts just for a good picture.

Dr. Ordon said the 40% increase is mainly from people coming in wanting minor procedures such as botox and other non-invasive things. He said people see themselves in pictures all the time now and often they turn to medical procedures to look better.

Dr. Ostad explained that the price for a procedure like the hand lift that Amanda got, costs around $900 per syringe. Amanda used one syringe per hand.

In the end, The Doctors said they were happy for Amanda and happy for her results.


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