Why Does My Body Do That? The Doctors July 18 2012 Preview


The Doctors July 18 2012 Preview

Healthy Hair Salad: The Doctors July 18 2012 Preview

The Doctors July 18 2012 show will explain what your hair says about your health. Get Dr Lisa's Healthy Hair Salad Recipe.

Do you have awkward moles or uncomfortable body hair? If you are trying to get control of your weird body issues, The Doctors July 18 2012 episode might have the solutions you’ve been searching for. Learn about moles, chronic pains, dizzying smells and more. If your family or friends think your body issue is weird, they’re probably right and it’s time to find a solution. Hopefully you will learn something you can use on The Doctors July 18 2012 show.


Women’s Hair Health: The Doctors

Did you know that your hair could actually be giving away secrets about your relationship? Find out what your hair is saying about you, and what you can do to manage that message. Don’t miss Dr Lisa’s recipe for a Healthy Hair Salad that’s delicious and destined to help you get locks you’ll love. Be sure to check back so you can add this to your Pinterest board or share it with your girlfriends.

That’s just one of the informative solutions being featured on The Doctors July 18 2012. Set your DVR now or be sure to check back with Recapo so you can read about the show’s advice and solutions. It’s easy to even share them with your friends and family so they can get the scoop as well.

Diabetes & Skin Remedies: The Doctors

Have you wondered about the growing Diabetes epidemic in America? The Doctors are sharing what you need to know about managing this common disease. But before you get to that point, it’s helpful to know what you can do to prevent Diabetes, especially for your growing children.


The Doctors July 18 2012 episode also welcomes dermatologist Dr Ava Shamban, who will share some of her favorite skin remedies, so you can learn how to get rid of moles and the best way to manage pimples without damaging your skin. That’s all coming up in a jam packed hour of The Doctors July 18 2012, so don’t miss this one. Take control of your body and health. Information is power.


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