The Naked Show: The Doctors September 17 2012 Preview

The Naked Show: The Doctors September 17 2012 Preview

The Doctors get naked for the September 17 show. Get the bare essentials on self examinations and checking for bumps.

The Doctors: September 17 2012

It’s time for The Doctors to strip down to the bare essentials. And I mean the bare essentials. It’s the naked show. The Doctors are having one of their most daring episodes to date with many f the audience members getting in on the act and stripping down to the nude themselves. Some of the audience members are even twirling their shirts above their heads! Get ready for a very risque show on Monday, September 17.

The Doctors: Get Naked

The Doctors discuss a life saving examination both yourself and your partner need to do in the nude. The Doctors also discuss the benefits of being in the nude, checking for lumps and bumps on yourself and your partner, clues that a partner may be faking, essential grooming techniques, dangers in the shower and whether bare floors are better than carpet.

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