The Drs: Valerie Harper + Fight Brain Cancer With Polio Virus?


The Doctors May 13 2015 Preview

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On Wednesday, May 13, The Doctors will talk to actress Valerie Harper about her ongoing battle with terminal brain cancer. She will open about defying her prognosis and the new, seemingly promising treatment that could fight the disease.


The Drs: Valerie Harper + Fight Brain Cancer With Polio Virus?

Valerie Harper will talk to The Doctors about her battle with terminal brain cancer, and discuss a promising new treatment. (Joe Seer /

The Drs: Valerie Harper + Terminal Brain Cancer

Valerie Harper is perhaps best known for her role in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but now she’s making headlines for her battle with terminal brain cancer. The iconic actress hasn’t been shy about fighting the disease and she’s excited to join The Doctors to talk more about it. She will open up about her battle with the deadly disease and explain how she continues to defy her prognosis.

Do you think hearing a celebrity sharing their personal struggles with a disease is a good way to educate others about it?


The Drs: Fight Cancer With Polio Virus?

The Doctors will continue their conversation with Valerie Harper as they learn about a “promising new treatment” that can help in the fight against brain cancer. Is it possible that the polio virus could really help fight cancer of the brain? Many scientists and doctors believe so, but is Valerie trying the treatment herself? Perhaps it’s one of those cases where you’re willing to try anything in hopes of extending your life and improving your overall quality of life while fighting the tragic disease.

Would you ever consider using one notorious virus in order to fight another deadly disease?

The Drs: Chronic Pain Disorder

Then, The Doctors will hear from a woman who has been suffering from a chronic pain disorder and is desperate for help. Chronic pain can truly hinder your ability to enjoy life and take part in every day activities. Is there anything they can do to help the woman?


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