The Drs: Umbilical Cord Extract Cures Arthritis & Harmful Vegetables


The Doctors April 3 2013 Preview

What would you do if your wife of 57 years needed a kidney transplant to live? The Doctors will talk with one man who went to get lengths to get his wife a kidney and you won’t believe the outcome. The Doctors also looked at a new treatment for arthritis that uses umbilical cord extract to stop the pain.

The Drs: Larry Walks To Get Wife New Kidney

The Drs: Umbilical Cord Extract Cures Arthritis & Harmful Vegetables

The Doctors April 3 2013 are looking at how umbilical cord extract can cure arthritis, and they are also talking with a man who saved his wife’s life.


Larry has been married for 57 years and he said there is no way he can go on living without his wife who was told she needed a new kidney or she was going to die. Larry, 77, walked over 57 miles with a sign that read “Need Kidney 4 Wife” along with his own telephone number. The Doctors talk to this incredible man about the miraculous outcome from his efforts and how his wife is doing today.

The Doctors: Umbilical Cord Extract Cures Arthritis

Did you ever think an umbilical cord could be used for something other than delivering blood to the fetus? Apparently one researcher thought it could be used for more and he was right. The Doctors are going to be looking at a new treatment for arthritis that involves the use of umbilical cord extract to cure the aches and pains. All it takes is a simple injection.

The Doctors check out the new treatment and even try on an arthritis suit that mimics how it feels to have arthritis.


The Drs: Vegetables That Can Harm Your Health

You were probably always taught to eat your vegetables but one new study has shown that peppers, tomatoes and eggplant can actually do more harm than good. The Doctors investigate this new claim and explain how you can avoid the dangers of these veggies.

Make sure to tune in to The Doctors April 3 2013 to find out how you can cure arthritis with a simple injection of umbilical cord extract. If you miss any of the episode, stop by Recapo this afternoon for a full recap of the show.


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