The Drs: Procrastinator’s Guide To Weight Loss & Breaking Habits


The Doctors: Procrastinator’s Guide

Everyone has lofty goals and aspirations. We all want to lose weight and eat healthier, but when you’re having a bad day, or you’re really hungry or tired, it’s so easy to decide you’ll start doing better tomorrow. But after years of tomorrows, eventually you realize you will have to take the first steps to get on the path to change.

Lucky for us, procrastination is a common problem. That’s why The Doctors are doing a special episode just on this topic. It’s The Procrastinator’s Guide To Losing Weight & Kicking Bad Habits, and you can see it for yourself coming up on April 19 2012.


The Drs: Health Hypnosis

Could hypnosis be the key to get you motivated about quitting smoking or losing weight? The Doctors investigate how to help procrastinators.

The Drs TV: Procrastinator’s Weight Loss Guide

If you’ve been putting off that diet, or you’re always meaning to start next Monday, it’s time to really evaluate what your goals are and how you can reasonably work to make progress toward them. Meet a man who weighed 300 pounds and put his health off for years.

Now he has ripped abs that Dr Lisa Masterson has to feel to believe. Find out what inspired him to finally get motivated and make the difference in his health and appearance. Maybe it can inspire you as well. Here’s the best part: you will never have to even drive by the gym to lose weight if you don’t want to. It’s all about finding the right routine for you, and maybe you’ll discover it thanks to The Doctors.


The Doctors: Procrastinator’s Guide To Kicking Bad Habits

Whether your vice is food, nicotine, or something else, learning to break our bad habits can have a huge impact on your overall health, wellness, and attitude. Coming up on the April 19 2012 episode of The Doctors, learn how you can tackle whatever challenge you are facing. The team will look into all types of treatments and approaches, including the effects of hypnosis on addiction.

Plus, how you can correct sun damaged skin using a mask you make at home. All this and much more is coming up on the new April 19 2012 edition of The Doctors, so set your DVR now and don’t miss it.


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