The Drs: Honey Boo Boo Health Update + Body Contouring


The Doctors May 20 2015 Preview

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On Wednesday, May 20, in a Doctors exclusive, we will find out if Honey Boo Boo’s health intervention did any good when it came to turning things around and improving her health. Then, they will take a closer look at a noninvasive procedure that can reportedly help you slim down.


The Drs: Honey Boo Boo Health Update + Body Contouring

The Doctors will check in on Honey Boo Boo to see if she’s made any progress in terms of her health. Then, a look at a noninvasive procedure for body contouring. (Dr. Botwing Photography / Shutterstock)

The Drs: Honey Boo Boo Health Intervention Update

Previously, The Doctors staged an intervention for Honey Boo Boo and her Mama June. They expressed their concern about Alana’s weight and unhealthy eating habits, and made it clear that Mama June had to make changes or her obese child would become an obese adult.

Mama June made some excuses, but acted as if the nutritionist was truly helping them in terms of a healthier diet. But was all the help The Doctors provided enough to truly make a difference? Has Alana lost any weight? Be sure to watch The Doctors on May 20 to find out!


The Drs: Treatment For Anxiety

Then, The Doctors will send Dr Jennifer Berman to test out a high-tech treatment for anxiety to see if it’s truly possible to reduce stress by “rebooting the brain.” If you suffer from high anxiety, this treatment could be just for you. Dr Berman will put it to the test to find out if it’s worth the cost, and available to anyone who thinks they could benefit from it.

Do you suffer from anxiety? Are you looking for a treatment that could finally put your mind at ease?

The Drs: Noninvasive Body Contouring Treatment

The Doctors will also share the details of a noninvasive procedure that can help give you a slimmer, thinner physique. Could this treatment be perfect for you now that bikini season is almost here? If you’d consider undergoing a body contouring procedure, be sure to tune in to The Doctors on May 20.


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