The Drs: Dr Travis Stork World Naked Bike Ride & Colors Can Motivate


Recapo Update: This episode of The Doctors has aired. Click the links below to find out what the health benefits are for hanging upside down and why body walking can be very therapeutic:

The Doctors May 9 2013 Preview

The Doctors are spicing up their outfits with some color for their May 9 2013 episode. They are ready to work out and they know a secret about colors that many may not but they are ready to reveal the secret to everyone who tunes in. Also, have you ever heard hanging upside down can be beneficial to your health? The Doctors are examining this claim to either debunk this myth or show you the proper way to hang to get the most benefits. To finish off the episode, Dr. Travis Stork is stripping down to his birthday suit, hopping on a bike and riding around the streets of LA. You won’t believe why.


The Drs: Dr Travis Stork World Naked Bike Ride & Colors Can Motivate

The Doctors May 9 2013 are watching Dr. Travis Stork cycle around naked for The World Naked Bike Ride and did you know colors can motivate you to work out?

Colors Motivate You To Work Out

You might notice The Doctors are a lot more colorful than they normally are and there is a reason and it is related to your health. Did you know some colors can motivate you to exercise more? Or that some colors can make your brain focus on one topic longer than not wearing the color?

The Doctors are explaining how this strange phenomenon works and why it could help you shed some major pounds. If you want to lose weight, it looks like neon is in this summer.


Benefits Of Hanging Upside Down

Is hanging upside down good for you? Some people say it is good for your body because it reverses the blood flow from the feet to the brain. Other people say it is great for stretching out the back. But are any of these claims true? The Doctors are investigating.

Dr Travis Stork Joins The World Naked Bike Ride

Dr. Travis Stork is getting naked and hitting the road for The World Naked Bike Ride to help them promote a more body-conscious world that uses human powered vehicles to travel.

Make sure to tune in to The Doctors May 8 2013 to find out if hanging upside down should be left on the jungle gym and just how far Dr. Stork biked in his birthday suit. If you miss any part of this episode, stop by Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a complete recap.


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