The Doctors: What’s Living In, On & Around Your Body


The Doctors: What’s Really Living In Your Body

Have you ever thought about how much bacteria and other organisms are living inside you, or getting what they need to survive by interacting with your body? It’s gross to think about, but it’s an important aspect of our health, which is why The Doctors are talking about it on April 26 2012.

Don’t miss this all new episode, when The Doctors examine what’s really living in, on, or around your body. You’ll probably be grossed out to discover the millions of bacteria that are teeming through your body’s systems. But some of them are good for you, and you’ll find out what they are for, as well as why we need them to survive.


The Drs: Body Bacteria

Bacteria is pumping all through your body, but not all of it is harmful. Find out why.

Millions of microbes and pounds of bacteria are coursing through your body at this very moment. Which ones do you need to be worried about?

The Drs TV: Bedbugs & Other Creatures

There’s more microbiology going on outside your body as well. Think about where you lay your head at night. Did you know that there are probably hidden creatures crawling all around you as you sleep? Think of the recent Bedbug Outbreaks as one example. But there are other microorganisms in your environment as well.


Plus, you could be hosting parasites to an all you can eat buffet in your intestines? Find out the creatures that can live for years inside your digestive system without you even realizing it. That and much more is coming up on the April 26 2012 episode of The Doctors.

The Doctors: Parasite Prevention

It’s unsettling to discover all this information, but there are some things you can do to prevent the unwanted creatures from creeping into your body. Set your DVR now so you are sure to catch The Doctors giving their best advice on how to avoid these unwanted situations.

Prevention is key to maintaining your best health, so you’ll want to learn all the ways you can protect yourself from the creepy crawlers that will stop at nothing to move inside your body. It’s all coming up on an all new episode of The Doctors, airing Thursday April 26 2012.


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