The Doctors: Undiagnosed Symptoms & Diabetes On A Budget


The Doctors: Undiagnosed Symptoms

With so much medical information at our fingertips, it may seem like we are living in a golden age of medicine. In many ways, that’s true, especially as advances in technology make procedures easier and safer, for example.

The Drs: Mystery Symptoms

Undiagnosed or misunderstood symptoms could land you in the OR with a serious medical condition. Find out how to avoid this on The Doctors April 23 2012.


But tests and surgeries are only useful if you know you have a problem that needs to be looked at. What about the symptoms that aren’t diagnosed, or are ignored? Coming up on the April 23 2012 episode of The Doctors, find out what could be at stake when untreated symptoms progress into more serious problems or issues.

That sore shoulder could end you up in the operating room for spinal surgery. Learn about one man’s incredible journey and the unique medical condition he was struggling with. Spinal surgery is never what you want to hear from your doctor. Find out this and other symptoms you should be watching out for.

The Drs TV: Pain That’s Not What You Think

Part of the reason for this is that sometimes our body pains might not be caused by what we think. That’s the topic of the day on the April 23 2012 episode of The Doctors. If you have tooth pain, back problems, or pain in your head, you won’t want to miss this show. Find out what could be really going on. You will be shocked by some of the surprising medical issues you could be facing, and not even know it.


Prevention is a key to good health. Get ready to find out how you can intervene to solve these health problems before they escalate, costing you money and possibly even your life.

The Doctors: Diabetes On A Budget

While you’re thinking about how health affects your finances, you won’t want to miss The Doctors when they discuss their latest advice for Diabetes Patients. Find out how you can manage your disease on a budget while still monitoring your health.

Diabetes is a chronic condition, but it is completely manageable, and there are ways to make it more affordable. Feel in control and take care of yourself. Get helpful expert advice from The Doctors in an all new episode, coming up on Monday, April 23 2012.


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