The Doctors: Texting & Driving Health Scare Experiment


The Doctors: Texting While Driving

It may not be something you want to admit, but texting and driving is quickly becoming one of the biggest dangers on the road. Even if you never use your phone while you’re in the car, you know someone who does. That’s why what’s coming up on The Doctors is probably going to strike a nerve with everyone in the audience.

The Drs: Text & Drive

Do you text and drive? Find out why you should think twice, next on The Doctors.


For the May 7 2012 episode, The Doctors are dramatizing their latest Health Scare Experiment, and you will be witness to how devastating the consequences can be when you are texting and driving. See for yourself firsthand what could be at stake when you’re on the phone and behind the wheel.

It may not seem like a big deal, but your life can change in an instant, and you can be affected even if you never text and drive. Find out why this is such an important issue for The Doctors that they’re discussing it extensively on their next show.

The Drs TV: Health Scare Experiment

If you’ve been trying to talk to your teens, or maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend, about why you think they shouldn’t be texting and driving, you won’t want to miss this episode. Grab the remote control and set your DVR now for the all new May 7 2012 edition of The Doctors so you can show your loved ones the true impact of what seems to be a harmless activity.


I have to say that in the days of the T9 keyboard, I did plenty of texting and driving. In the days where you could text one-handed without having to even look at your phone, you could keep your eyes on the road. But these days, with everyone texting on larger touch screen smartphones, it requires a lot more of your attention to try to get your message out.

See why this is such a hot topic for The Doctors, and learn the stunning statistics that will make you think twice about getting your phone out while you’re on the road. That’s on the Monday May 7 2012 all new episode of The Doctors.


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