The Doctors September 28 2012: 10 Second Slimdowns & Fatty Foods


The Doctors September 28 2012

The Doctors‘ September 28 2012 episode is all about shocking things that you would never dream of that are making you fat.

The Doctors: What is Making You Fat?

The Doctors aren’t talking about the usual suspects. None of these surprising foods have anything to do with pizza, french fries or fattening foods like donuts. Hopefully they will say these foods are actually good for us! Unlikely, but a girl can dream.


I wonder what these fat-causing foods are? I doubt the list includes any fruits or vegetables, but you never know! What do you think the foods they’re talking about are?

The Doctors September 28 2012 Preview: Surprising Foods Making You Fat

The Doctors September 28 2012 episode will inform viewers what some shocking things are that are making you fat, and it’s not just your burger and fries.

The Doctors: Your Alarm Clock and High Heels Could be Making You Fat

Here’s something that will throw you for a loop – your alarm clock, your leggings, your high heels and even the shape of your drinking glass can be making you fat! I knew there was a reason I hate wearing heels!


I’m not sure how an alarm clock would make you fat…that one is puzzling. As far as the leggings go, maybe if they’re too tight they squeeze your fat more? Leggings could definitely make a person look heavier than they are – those things are tight!

I would imagine that your drinking glass making you fat has something to do with how wide it is at the top – the wider the glass, the more drink you get. Who knows! Any ideas, anyone?

The Doctors: 10 Second Slim Downs

The Doctors will tell you what you need to do before every meal that will have you eating 20% less calories. It’s probably something as simple as putting less food on our plates!  Dr. Stork will share his 10 second slim downs, and I’m excited to see these!

Tomorrow’s episode is all about jump starting the new you…will you be watching?


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