The Doctors September 25 2012 Preview: The Hunger Games, Doctors Style


The Doctors September 25 2012

The Doctors September 25 2012 episode of is taking on a Hunger Games theme. The Doctors will be taking a look at various aspect of hunger.

The Doctors: The Three Types of Hunger

The Doctors will discuss the three types of hunger, one of which is sensory hunger. This deals with how our senses react when food is placed in front of us. If you put a plate of warm cookies in front of someone, I have a feeling their sensory hunger would go wild! I know the sight, smell and taste of them would make me want to eat as many cookies as possible!


I’m really interested in finding out what the other two kinds of hunger are. Physical hunger is probably one of them, and maybe emotional hunger too? You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see!

The Doctors September 25 2012 Preview: The Hunger Games, Doctors Style

I’m hoping that the cast of The Hunger Games will show up for the Hunger Games-themed episode of The Doctors September 25 2012. Team Peeta!

The Doctors: Foods You Must Avoid

The doctors will also discuss the foods you must go without. This list probably includes greasy, fattening and fried foods, aka anything served at any kind of fair or festival. I’ll admit that I like to indulge in bad for you foods every now and then but I try to eat healthy!


According to the doctors, if you don’t avoid the foods on their list you could develop fatty liver, which doesn’t sound good. I bet their list will have a few surprises on it!

The Doctors: One Pose to Tone and Trim Your Whole Body

Finally, the doctors will teach viewers how to do the one pose that tones and trims your entire body. I am really looking forward to seeing what this is! I hope it’s not too difficult or painful!

This episode seems like it will be very informative and eye-opening. It also seems like it might make you a little hungry.


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