Illness Warnings in Pictures: The Doctors September 24 2012


The Doctors Monday September 24 2012

The Doctors September 24 2012: How to Spot Warning Signs of Illnesses from Pictures

The Doctors September 24 2012 episode will teach you how you can tell if someone has the warning signs of an illness just from looking at their picture.

Say Cheese! Monday on The Doctors September 24 2012 episode, the team will be revealing how you can spot signs of illnesses from pictures. I wonder if Drs. Stork, Ordon, Masterson or Sears have a health problem that we’ll be able to spot in a picture?


The Doctors: Diagnosing Someone’s Illness Just From Seeing a Picture

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and a picture could be worth your life when it comes to your health. It’s crazy that you can spot some illnesses and medical problems just by seeing them in a picture. The doctors are going to teach you how to tell what’s wrong in pictures – from things like bruising and swelling to Strabismus and jaundice.

I would imagine that bruising should be something that’s pretty easy to recognize, and the same with swelling. I’ve never heard of Strabismus but it seems like it has something to do with being cross-eyed.

Do you think it would be possible to tell if someone has an illness going on inside just by looking at them from the outside?


Dr. Travis Stork said that jaundice is something that’s never normal in an adult. Have you ever had jaundice? It seems pretty common in infants – I know lots of babies that have had it, including myself!

The Doctors: Signs and Symptoms in Pictures

The doctors are going to explain warning signs and symptoms so you can tell who’s sick in the pic. I’m very interested to hear about what health problems you can tell just by looking at a picture!

Can you tell what’s wrong with someone just by looking at them? After this episode, we might all be medical mind readers! This episode is going to be an interesting one, will you be watching?


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