The Doctors: Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie Exclusive Surgery Update


The Doctors: Thomas Beatie

Thomas Beatie made headlines in 2008 when he became the first documented pregnant man, and his story garnered lots of media attention as well as a Guinness World Record. That was four years ago, and a lot has changed since then.

Have you been wondering what has happened to this unique family since they first appeared in the news? There have been lots of changes, like with any family, and you can get a full update, coming up on the May 1 2012 episode of The Doctors.


The Doctors Thomas Beatie

Check in with the Pregnant Man, who has now given birth to three children and is making radical life decision.

In an exclusive interview, Thomas Beatie is only talking to The Doctors about the recent developments in his life. Did you know that he and his wife had a second child in 2009, and a third baby in 2010? Find out how all their children are doing today.

The Drs: Pregnant Man In The News

After three pregnancies in just a few years, the Pregnant Man is now making headlines once again, for two big stories. He is only speaking out about them to The Doctors, so if you’re curious about what’s new in his life, and what he has to say about everything that’s happened, set your DVR now for the Tuesday May 1 2012 episode.


The Doctors have their exclusive chat with the Pregnant Man, and take you inside his recent decisions that led to the operating room. He took The Doctors cameras along with him for this exclusive television event.

The Doctors: What Happened to the Pregnant Man?

It’s been a few years since Thomas Beatie and his growing family have talked to Oprah or Barbara Walters about their unique American family. You’ve probably been wondering how things are going now and what the future may hold for the family.

You can get answers, including the status of the couple’s relationship as the parents of three children, when The Doctors have their exclusive show with Thomas Beatie on May 1 2012. This is an incredible story that you don’t hear about very often, and the latest twists may shock and surprise you. Get ready for an all new exclusive event on The Doctors.


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