The Doctors October 11 2012: Migraine Muffins and PMS Potatoes


Recapo Update: The recaps for this show are now online. Click the links below to get the recipes for the Migraine Muffin and the PMS Potato.

The Doctors October 11 2012

The Doctors October 11 2012 episode is all about dealing with chronic pain and inflammation naturally, and will also feature the PMS potato and the migraine muffin.


The Doctors: Chronic Pain Relief from a Bite?

According to The Doctors, chronic pain relief could be a bite away. Dr. Travis Stork said that he has proven ways to reduce pain and fight inflammation and that he wasn’t talking about drugs. Do you deal with chronic pain? Have you found any natural remedies?

What do you think Dr. Stork means by “relief could be a bite away?” I wonder if a snake or spider bite can somehow reduce pain. It is scary to think that something biting you could make you feel better.

The Doctors: Migraine Muffins

The Doctors October 11 2012: Migraine Muffin and PMS Potato

Migraine headaches plague many people around the world…could the migraine muffin be the answer?


A guest on The Drs. will be showing off her migraine muffins, which apparently can reduce the frequency and severity of a migraine. It will be interesting to see what’s in this muffin that helps migraines. I’d imagine that there’s no chocolate in them – my mother-in-law gets migraines and says that chocolate can trigger them.

Do you have migraines? What causes your migraines?

The Doctors: PMS Potatoes

This special guest will also feature another culinary masterpiece – the “pms potato.” Every layer of this potato is strategically designed to zap symptoms. Do you think this potato will cure PMS? The potato looked like a regular old loaded potato…I wonder what the special ingredients are?

Food to Avoid if You Have Infections

Dr. Jim Sears will tell you what to eat and what to avoid if you have infections. Dr. Sears said that if you cut these foods out, then your infections will go away. This I have to see! Now if they could just cure the common cold, things would be great!


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