The Doctors October 1 2012 Preview: 31 Healthy Habits to Make


The Doctors October 1 2012

Are you ready to make some changes? Tune in to The Doctors October 1 2012 for everything you need to know to debut the new you.

The Doctors: 31 Health Habits That We Can Make

New month, new you. The Doctors are welcoming October with their 31 health habits you must make this month. We all have bad habits that we need to break, and these good habits can replace them!


The Doctors: At Home Exercises for Dementia and Osteoporosis Prevention

The Doctors will show you at home exercises that will help stave off osteoporosis and dementia. I’m looking forward to seeing what these exercises are, and I’m hoping they’re things you can do without needing a lot of equipment.

The Doctors October 1 2012 Preview: 31 Health Habits to Make

The October 1, 2012 episode of The Doctors will teach us different health habits that we should get into, such as working out at home. They’ll show us exercises to help reduce the risk of dementia and osteoporosis.

The Doctors: Are Leftovers Good For You?

We will also find out the truth about our leftovers in the fridge. Personally, I am not really into leftovers. There seem to be a lot of meals that transform from delicious to disgusting overnight in the refrigerator. I also get really bored if I have to eat the same thing twice in one week.


Do you like leftovers? I try to avoid them at all costs! I’ve found that making less food usually helps…I’m all about portion control!

The Doctors: Post Workout Smoothies Are Unnecessary

The doctors will also tell us what we need to know about our post workout smoothies. According to Dr. Travis Stork, most people dont work out hard enough to justify a high calorie smoothie.

In college, I used to get the most delicious tart cherry smoothie after working out. Dr. Stork is completely right, there’s no way I burned enough calories to need that smoothie. But it was so good…and expensive. Has anyone ever noticed how expensive smoothies are? They’re a lot cheaper if you make them at home!


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