The Doctors: New Vasectomy Technique + Dog That Can Read


The Doctors April 23 2015 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from this episode:

On Thursday, April 23, The Doctors will show a man undergo a new noninvasive technique for a vasectomy, and then they’ll talk to a woman who taught her dog to read.


The Doctors: New Vasectomy Technique + Dog That Can Read

The Doctors will share a new non-invasive technique for vasectomies and then will talk to the owner of the dog who can read. (kitty /

The Drs: Noninvasive Vasectomy Technique

The Doctors will help all men who are considering a vasectomy by showing a new noninvasive technique for performing vasectomies. Doctors viewers will be able to watch a man undergo the procedure in real time, to truly understand how minimally invasive the procedure is. If you’re considering undergoing a vasectomy, this is one segment you definitely don’t want to miss!

Would you considering a vasectomy if you knew the process was much easier than before? Would you consider suggesting the new minimally invasive procedure to your partner?


The Drs: Cyberstalking Story

The Doctors will then hear from a woman who says she was cyberstalked by a male nurse. She’ll share her incredibly frightening story that many men and women can relate to. It’s frightening to think about a nurse cyberstalking their patient, when we’re supposed to be able to trust them with our health and sometimes even our lives. So what was it that sent this man over the edge, and what did the woman do to protect herself? She’ll share all the details of her story to help those who could be or maybe even already are, in her position.

Have you ever been stalked online? What did you do about it? Share your story!

The Drs: Dog Can Read?

The Doctors will also talk to a very proud pet owner who claims she taught her furry friend to read. Is it possible for dogs to read? She says it is and she’s out to prove it by showing off her pet’s incredible talent!


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