The Doctors: Morning After Pill On the Shelf & Microchip Ends Obesity?


Recapo Update: This episode of The Doctors has aired. Click the links below to find out which health headlines The Doctors talked about and to lean what Prader Willi Syndrome is:

The Doctors April 26 2013 Preview

The Doctors: Morning After Pill On the Shelf & Microchip Ends Obesity?

The Doctors April 26 2013 will look at how the morning after pill may be available on drugstore shelves and could a microchip end obesity in America?


The Doctors April 26 2013 are looking at some of the biggest health headlines on this week’s Friday News Feed. They are discussing the new law that may be put into effect soon that will put the morning after pill on the drugstore shelves. Also, did you ever think a microchip could be the solution to your obesity problems? The Doctors are discussing the new microchip that could put an end to obesity.

Morning After Pill On Drugstore Shelves

The Doctors are discussing the new law that could be moving morning after pills from behind the pharmacy counter and onto the drugstore shelves. They are discussing the benefits and the downsides of putting the pill on the shelves for anyone to purchase at any time.

The Drs: Microchip Ends Obesity?

Would you have a microchip implanted into your body to help you lose weight? A company has developed a microchip that could mean the end of obesity in America. The Doctors are discussing whether it works, whether it is safe and whether it will be sold to the public soon.


The Doctors: Dental Patients Exposed To HIV

If you are heading to the dentist today The Doctors want you to know you could be putting yourself at risk for HIV. Countless patients have been contracting HIV from the dentist’s office and The Doctors know why. They are going to teach everyone how to be safe and how to find out if you are at risk when you go to the dentist.

Make sure to tune in to The Doctors April 26 2013 to find out how to keep yourself safe from HIV and whether a microchip could be the end to obesity. Be sure to stop by Recapo for a full recap of the show.


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