The Doctors May 1: Face Transplant Recipient Carmen Tarleton Exclusive


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

The Drs: Carmen Tarleton Face Transplant & Interview With Travis Stork


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The Doctors May 1 2013 Preview

You will not want to miss The Doctors on Wednesday, May 1 2013. In an hour-long Doctors exclusive, Carmen Tarleton will give her very first post-surgery interview, just months after becoming the first ever recipient of a full face transplant. During Carmen’s interview with Dr. Travis Stork, she will share the incredible story of how she turned an unthinkable tragedy into personal triumph. Plus, see the results of Carmen’s surgery firsthand. In case you missed her story the first time, here’s more on Carmen Tarleton, one of The Doctors’ most beloved guests of all time.

The Doctors May 1: Face Transplant Recipient Carmen Tarleton Exclusive

The Doctors May 1 will feature an exclusive interview with Carmen Tartleton, the first full face transplant recipient.

Carmen Tarleton Interview

Carmen’s story begins in 2007 when the Vermont mother of two was woken in the middle of the night and attacked by her ex-husband. During the assault, Carmen’s ex-husband savagely burned and beat her, leaving 80% of her body burned and disfigured. Because of the attack, Carmen lost her vision and began a long and painful journey towards recovery. When she shared her story on The Doctors, her unwavering positivity in the face of tragedy made her one of the show’s favorite guests ever.

The last time Carmen Tarleton spoke with The Doctors, she had just become the very first recipient of a full face transplant. Carmen referred to herself as “blessed” and was looking forward to having a new lease on life.

Carmen Tarleton Full Face Transplant Reveal

Now, Carmen will finally reveal the results of her surgery to the world on The Doctors May 1. Find out how Carmen is doing now, and witness the incredible transformation for yourself. Join Dr. Travis Stork for this inspiring interview on Wednesday, May 1, and preview this upcoming episode in the video below.


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