The Doctors March 8: Friday News Feed & Dr. Travis Stork Birthday


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

The Doctors: Friday News Feed & Valerie Harper Terminal Cancer


The Doctors: Bailey O’Neill Bullied To Death & Rob O’Neill Interview

The Doctors: L.A. Tuberculosis Outbreak & When To Get A Colonoscopy

The Doctors: Is 72 The New 30? & Dr. Travis Stork Birthday Surprise


The Doctors March 8 2013 Preview

To begin the weekend, The Doctors March 8 will feature the weekly Friday News Feed, plus information on health and medical topics affecting your life right now. Also, it’s (almost) Dr. Travis Stork’s birthday. Why not join the celebration on The Doctors March 8?

The Doctors March 8: Friday News Feed & Dr. Travis Stork Birthday

The Doctors March 8 will feature health headlines in the Friday News Feed and a celebration for Dr. Travis Stork’s birthday.

The Drs: Friday News Feed

The Doctors Friday News Feed will be covering the latest and greatest in health news and headlines. Learn why the docs are saying that 72 is the new 30. If that’s true, then our grandparents should have a lot to celebrate. The Doctors will be sharing the great news for people who are growing older in age, but not slowing down anytime soon.

Other topics that will be covered include a new, high-tech test for detecting colon cancer and an update on the recent tuberculosis outbreak in Los Angeles. An infectious disease that attacks the lungs, tuberculosis is often thought of as an antiquated killer. History is littered with famous cases of tuberculosis claiming the lives of poets, writers and artists, but the disease hasn’t exactly been on everyone’s radar in recent times – until now, that is. Learn about the recent TB outbreak in Los Angeles, California and how to protect yourself.

The Doctors: Dr. Travis Stork 41st Birthday

Then, a celebration will be in order for everyone’s favorite emergency room doctor, Dr. Travis Stork. On March 9, 2013, Dr. Travis will be turning 41. On The Doctors March 8, his colleagues will be getting the birthday fun started a day early. Tune in for Dr. Travis’ TV birthday party, which should be lots of (healthy) fun.

Preview this upcoming episode of The Doctors March 8 in the video below. See you there!


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