The Doctors March 5: Randy Jackson Type II Diabetes & “TMI” Tuesday


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

The Doctors: TMI Tuesday, Ingrown Hairs & Dirty Little Secrets Game


The Doctors: Randy Jackson Type II Diabetes Diagnosis & Management

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The Doctors March 5 2013 Preview

On Tuesday, March 5 2013, The Doctors will feature a “TMI Tuesday” episode of embarrassing health questions and answers. They’re the health topics that the doctors never thought they’d discuss on national television! Plus, American Idol judge Randy Jackson will talk about his diagnosis of Type II Diabetes. Here’s more on these topics from this upcoming episode of The Doctors March 5.


The Doctors March 5: Randy Jackson Type II Diabetes & "TMI" Tuesday

The Doctors March 5 will feature information on Type II diabetes with Randy Jackson and embarrassing questions on “TMI” Tuesday. (s_bukley /

The Drs: Embarrassing Health Questions

On “TMI Tuesday,” The Doctors love sharing health topics that make their viewers and audience members cringe. However, these embarrassing questions and answers can often provide insight into important medical issues. Too embarrassed to ask your own doctor? No problem! Just tune in to The Doctors March 5.

The Doctors: Randy Jackson Type II Diabetes Diagnosis

The Doctors March 5 will also cover the topic of Type II Diabetes. American Idol judge and Grammy Award-winning record producer Randy Jackson will appear to discuss his own diagnosis and the measures he’s since taken to live a healthier life.

Overweight for many years, Randy Jackson underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2003 and managed to drop 114 pounds. In 2008, Randy admitted to having been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, an unfortunately all too common health issue in the United States.

As rates of obesity rise in the United States, so does the rate of Type II Diabetes. On The Doctors March 5, Randy Jackson will discuss how his diabetes diagnosis changed his life. Healthy eating, increasing exercise and losing weight are all important steps in diabetes management. Find out more when Randy Jackson joins The Doctors March 5 2013. Preview this upcoming episode of The Doctors March 5 with the video below. Will you be tuning in?



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