The Doctors March 15: Friday News Feed Contagious Viruses & Cold Sores


The Doctors March 15 2013 Preview

End your week on a high note with a brand new informative episode of The Doctors. On Friday, March 14, The Doctors will share the latest health-related news in their weekly Friday News Feed. The Doctors will be asking the important question, “Is it contagious?” From cold sores to viruses, learn the information you need to know. Also, tips for removing germs from your home, methods of reducing stress and much more.

The Doctors March 15 will feature information on contagious viruses, cold sores, and keeping kitchens germ-free in Friday News Feed.

The Doctors March 15 will feature information on contagious viruses, cold sores and keeping kitchens germ-free in Friday News Feed.


The Drs: Baby Dies From Father’s Kiss

All parents want to show love and affection for their child, but could kissing your baby actually put him at risk? The Doctors will be sharing a truly unexpected and tragic story on March 15. Recently, a two-month-old baby died after contracting a virus from its father. When the father kissed his child, he unknowingly passed on the virus that tragically took his baby’s life.

The Doctors will be detailing this truly sad story, plus information on how to keep babies safe on March 15. It’s can’t-miss information for all parents.

The Doctors: Information On Cold Sores

Find out more regarding the annoying, recurring problem of cold sores on The Doctors March 14. What causes cold sores, how can we treat them and how can they be prevented altogether? Learn more about this common health issue.


Also, learn how your weight may indicate the length of your lifespan and how to keep your kitchen spic, span and free of germs. Plus, plenty more “contagious” themed health information, news headlines and medical stories. Germophobes, beware!

Preview this all new episode of The Doctors March 15 in the video below. Will you be tuning in?


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