The Doctors March 12: Women’s TMI Tuesday & Probiotic Popsicle Recipe


The Doctors March 12 2013 Preview

The weekly tradition of “TMI Tuesday” returns with an all-new episode of The Doctors March 12, but this time, there are no boys allowed! On Tuesday, March 12, join Dr. Lisa Masterson and a panel of female medical experts as they tackle embarrassing questions regarding women’s health.

The Drs: Women’s TMI Tuesday

The Doctors March 12: Women's TMI Tuesday & Probiotic Popsicle Recipe

Dr. Lisa Masterson will be joined by a panel of female medical experts for a women’s health-themed episode of The Doctors March 12.


On TMI (Too Much Information) Tuesday, The Doctors’ latest weekly trend, embarrassing questions finally find their answers. From body odor to tackling issues below the belt, they’re topics you probably wouldn’t want to discuss with your own doctor.

On Tuesday, March 12, Dr. Lisa will cover feminine subjects such as sleeping without underwear, infections and how poor hygiene affects women’s health. Nothing will be off limits. Dr. Lisa Masterson is a board-certified specialist in obstetrics, infertility, gynecology and adolescent gynecology, so when it comes to women’s health issues, she’s definitely seen it all!

The Doctors: Probiotic Popsicle Recipe For Women

Probiotics are the latest health trend, and both men and women are using probiotics to improve their digestive health. If you’re one of these people that needs a bit of help in the digestive department, then you won’t want to miss The Doctors March 12. Get ready to ditch your expensive probiotics for a homemade probiotic popsicle recipe for women.


Can a popsicle really improve digestive health? I guess we’ll find out! It could be the perfect remedy for tummy troubles in the summertime and beyond. Tune in for the recipe for this sweet, healthy treat.

Preview this upcoming episode of The Doctors March 12 in the video below. Will you be tuning in to this women’s health-themed new show?



  1. says

    Ive been trying to get the recipie for the probiotic pops but keep going around in circles. Can u send it to me please plus there was a video of a woman lifting 30lbs that I cant find and it was never televised. Can u direct me by sending me the link so I can watch it. Thank you for your time and assistance.

  2. kristinia says

    Hello Dr’s. I’ve sent you all an email regarding my issues I’ve been told. That’s how it was put to me, ” I have “. Anyway, I have degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis several, vertebras that have no spacing between and live daily in pain. ” but I’m alive and thankful for that ” I can’t seem to get a Dr. That thinks they can help me. I’ve been told because I am a small framed person, surgery would put me in more pain than I’m already in. I am on pain medication, which I wish to be off of. My pain Mgmt Dr’s believe I need surgery but they no longer are in the surgery field. It’s been almost 3 yrs since I’ve been able to wk. & want so very bad to be out of pain, wk again, run, clean, drive “u name it ” I’m to young to feel this old. Please Doctors can you help me?

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