The Doctors March 1: Foster The People Challenge & Leeza Gibbons


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode of The Doctors are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

The Doctors: Gender Dysphoria & First Full Face Transplant Recipient


The Doctors: Leeza Gibbons “Take 2″ & Mother’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

The Doctors: Andy Barron Weight Loss & How To Reduce Medical Bills

The Doctors March 1 2013 Preview

The Doctors March 1 will be sharing ways to feel better, reduce stress and lose weight, just in time for the coming spring months, plus, a touching and inspiring story from entertainment journalist Leeza Gibbons. Here’s more on the upcoming episode of The Doctors March 1.


The Doctors March 1 will feature "the Foster Challenge" weight loss challenge and entertainment journalist Leeza Gibbons on her mother's Alzheimer's diagnosis.

The Doctors March 1 will feature “the Foster Challenge” weight loss challenge and entertainment journalist Leeza Gibbons on her mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

The Doctors: Foster The People Weight Loss Challenge

Everyone knows rock band Foster the People and their giant 2011 hit, “Pumped Up Kicks.” On The Doctors March 1, find out how they’re helping one of their good friends lose weight and live a healthier, happier life.

Photographer Andy Barron is 29 and has been overweight his entire life. In 2012, Andy traveled with Foster the People on tour for several months. One day, lead singer Mark Foster gathered everyone in his hotel room and issued “The Foster Challenge” to Andy. Mark told Andy that if he lost 80 pounds, he would win $20,000. Soon, Andy changed his diet, began working out and stopped drinking alcohol completely.

Last year, Andy appeared on The Doctors to discuss his weight loss goals and receive expert advice on getting healthy. Now, it’s finally time to see how far Andy has come. Did he meet his weight loss goals and win the big prize? Find out on The Doctors March  1.

The Doctors: Leeza Gibbons Alzheimer’s Disease

Also on The Doctors March 1, Leeza Gibbons will open up about her mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Leeza, the former host of Entertainment Tonight and Extra, has taken time from her busy schedule as an entertainment journalist to help provide support for families struggling with Alzheimer’s. Hear Leeza’s story and more about the great work she’s doing on The Doctors March 1.


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