The Doctors: How To Look Good Naked & Carnie Wilson Weight Loss


The Doctors: How To Look Good Naked

You only have one body, and thinking about the summer and beach weather means thinking about showing your body off. If that thought makes you squirm, you will want to hear what The Doctors recommend on their upcoming episode.

The Drs: Look Good Naked

Get confident about your body and learn how to look & feel better naked.


They are sharing many Secrets To Look and Feel Better Naked, coming up on their April 6 2012 episode. Get ready to feel more confident and get excited about showing off what you’ve got. The best part is, you don’t have to undergo surgery to feel better about your body, and look better in the mirror each day.

The Drs: Bust Enhancing Bra

The Doctors will show off a bra that can actually boost your cleavage naturally, without surgery. Find out how this product is getting results, and why Dr. Andrew Ordon said it can increase your breasts by up to two cup sizes.

Also, maybe you’ve noticed the trend of feathering, where feathers are woven into a woman’s hair. But did you know that this trend has expanded to other areas of the body? Find out how you can bedazzle your bikini line with the latest trends and products that can help you make a bigger splash the next time you take off your pants. That’s coming up on the April 6 2012 edition of The Doctors.


The Doctors: Carnie Wilson Weight Loss

The first thing a lot of us think of when it comes to looking better naked is that we will have to lose a few pounds. There’s no denying that this can make a difference when it comes to self esteem, and the more weight you lose, the better you might feel about yourself. Just ask singer Carnie Wilson.

The duo Wilson Phillips is fondly remembered for their upbeat ‘90s hits. But did you know they are poised for a comeback? If you haven’t seen Carnie Wilson lately, she looks dramatically different. The singer was public about her struggles with weight years ago.

Now she is back in the spotlight, and she is telling The Doctors how she managed to lose 150 pounds in a single year. She will share what’s happened in her life, and how it inspired her to get serious about taking charge of her health.


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