The Doctors Get Their Game On: September 12 2012 Preview


The Doctors: September 12 2012

It’s only the third show of the season and The Doctors have already transformed their stage into an interactive game show of sorts, complete with name tags and cheering, for their September 12 show. The Doctors will be playing tons of interactive games with the audience, helping everyone have a good time and learn about their health. Can contestant number one, come on down!

The Doctors Get Their Game On

The Doctors Get Their Game On!


The Doctors: Get Your Game On

On The Doctors September 12 show, audience members will play games, compete in trivia and perform challenges that will be fun and informative about staying healthy, living an active lifestyle and how to stay fit. From uncovering hidden calories inside favorite foods to finding out the most common causes of premature again, The Doctors have you covered, game show style.

Tun in September 12 and play along with the doctors from home. And if you miss the show, don’t worry, Recapo will have every bit of the show covered so you wont have to miss a thing. Let’s get these games started.


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