The Doctors Get Their Game On: The Doctors September 11 Preview


The Doctors September 11 2012

A brand-new season of The Doctors has just begun, and on Tuesday, September 11, 2012, Season 5 continues with The Doctors getting ready to get their game on. Who says learning about your health can’t be informative and fun at the same time? On The Doctors September 11, the set will be transformed into one, giant,  interactive game show. Who’s ready to play?

quiz The Doctors September 11

Learn about your health with challenges, games, & quizzes on The Doctors September 11.


The Doctors: Get Your Game On

On The Doctors September 11, audience members will participate in quizzes, trivia, and challenges that will reveal important health, lifestyle, and fitness information. From uncovering hidden calories to finding out more about the most common causes of premature aging, Drs Stork, Ordon, Masterson and Sears have got you covered. Hopefully, the Doctors themselves will be getting in on the fun, too!

So, tune in to The Doctors September 11 and play along at home. Plus, don’t miss a thing with Recapo’s coverage when our favorite Doctors let loose and get their game on.


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