The Doctors: Food Allergy Bullying & Children’s Pain Killer Lawsuit


Recapo Update: This episode if The Doctors has aired. Click the links below to find out about a boy with such severe food allergies he has to use a robot to go to school:

The Doctors March 29 2013 Preview

On March 29 2013, The Doctors is all-new with a Friday News Feed. They talk about the latest health headlines, like food allergy bullying. Then, The Doctors discuss the dangers of a children’s pain killer. A side effect of the medicine sparked a $63 million lawsuit. Also, can kids exercise too much? The Doctors investigate.


The Doctors: Food Allergy Bullying & Children's Pain Killer Lawsuit

On March 29 2013, The Doctors are all-new and talking about food allergy bullying. Could your kids be at risk?

The Doctors: Food Allergy Bullying

While bullying has always been an issue it’s usually just teasing or physical violence. These things are psychologically damaging and physically distressing to kids. The last few years, teens have taken to bullying kids online. This leads to a whole new can of worms and has pushed teens to kill themselves.

This new bullying trend is even more dangerous that psychological abuse. Kids are being bullied for their allergies to food. Imagine getting your school lunch and someone putting peanut products in your food as a prank. If you’re allergic, this could cause at least a trip to the hospital if not death. The Doctors look at these new trends and what schools are doing to prevent bad situations on March 29 2013.


The Drs: $63 Million Children’s Pain Killer Lawsuit

No one expects side effects from a simple children’s medicine. These are usually carefully packaged and made to protect children. A $63 million lawsuit against a liquid children’s pain killer is raising questions. Parents are calling for more warning labels and clearer explanations of side effects.

The Doctors: Growth Plates

There are so many exercise initiatives out now. First Lady Michelle Obama wants to wage a war against childhood obesity and recommends kids get up and play. Is there such a thing as too much exercise for kids? The Doctors on March 29 say yes. Over-exercising causes growth plates to be damaged. Damaged growth plates cause a whole slew of problems for kids.


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