The Doctors February 26: Embarrassing Medical Mysteries Solved


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode of The Doctors are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

The Doctors: 27-Year-Old Man Hasn’t Hit Puberty & Kallmann Syndrome


The Doctors: Oozing Hole In The Head & Pilar Cyst Removal Procedure

The Doctors: Signs of Eczema & Dr. Sandra Lee Punch Biopsy

The Doctors February 26 2013 Preview

Throughout the years, The Doctors have shared some pretty crazy medical stories. From scary growths to mysterious spots and beyond, they’ve covered it all, without sparing any of the gruesome details! Next up on The Doctors’ schedule will be another gross anatomy-themed episode. They’re the questions you might not think to ask your doctor, or would be way too embarrassed to ask. Also, information on strange medical conditions and more medical mysteries solved.


The Doctors February 26: Embarrassing Medical Mysteries Solved

The Doctors February 26 will feature solutions to embarrassing medical mysteries and advice on strange medical conditions.

On The Doctors February 26, your most embarrassing medical mysteries will be solved. You may want to hold off on your breakfast or lunch, especially if you’ll be watching early in the morning. Will you be watching this episode through your fingers? Don’t worry about missing any details – Recapo has got you covered!

Here’s more from this all-new episode of The Doctors February 26, and don’t forget to preview this episode in the video below.

The Drs: Embarrassing Medical Mysteries Solved

Here’s a pretty crazy story: Brandon is a seemingly average 27-year-old man, but you might never guess that he has yet to hit puberty. Most children experience puberty around the ages of nine, 10, 11, etc, so what could possibly be wrong with Brandon?

On The Doctors February 26, we’ll meet with experts to learn more about Brandon’s strange and rare medical condition. Find out more information on any potential treatments available. It’s a bizarre story that you won’t want to miss.

Plus, advice for burning and itchy flare-ups, brown, leather-like hands and even an oozing hole in the human head (yuck). All this and more on The Doctors’ “TMI” – Too Much Information – Tuesday.


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