The Doctors February 20: Chaz Bono Weight Loss & Fast Food Dangers


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

The Doctors: Hidden Dangers of Fast Foods & How Soda Affects Teeth


The Doctors: Chaz Bono Health Update & 43 Pound Weight Loss

The Drs: Mandisa Weight Loss, Cravings & Healthy Snack Alternatives

The Drs: Tips For Improving Your Smile, Sensitive Teeth & Baby Teeth


The Doctors February 20 2013 Preview

The Doctors February 20 will be an all-new episode aimed at our diets. We all know that healthy eating is important, but how often do we indulge in our fast food cravings? Learn the shocking information that just may change your dinner plans.

Plus, Chaz Bono’s weight loss journey and tips for whiter teeth will be on The Doctors February 20. Preview this all-new episode in the video below. Then, don’t forget to check back with Recapo for all the information you need on The Doctors February 20.

The Doctors February 20: Chaz Bono Weight Loss & Fast Food Dangers

The Doctors February 20 will feature a weight loss update from Chaz Bono and a discussion on the dangers of eating fast food. (s_bukley /

The Drs: Chaz Bono Weight Loss Update

As the child of entertainment icons Sonny and Cher, Chaz Bono’s story is a familiar one. Born Chastity Bono in 1969, Chaz legally changed his name and gender in 2010. Now, he’s a transgender advocate and activist, and even appeared on Dancing with the Stars. 

Chaz Bono has also publicly struggled with weight loss. In 2012, he appeared on The Doctors to reveal his life-long struggle with both weight, body image and dieting. It was on this show that Chaz made a pledge to lose weight and get healthy. On Wednesday, we’ll find out just how far he’s come. Chaz Bono will sit down with The Doctors February 20 for an update on his weight loss journey towards a healthier life.

The Doctors: Shocking Fast Food Dangers

Convenience, cost and taste make fast food an appealing choice for millions of Americans. However, their waistlines – and their health – are paying the price. The Doctors February 20 will be revealing the important and shocking fast food dangers that you need to know. This information will make you think twice before heading to your favorite drive-thru.


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