The Doctors February 19: “Total Blackout” Review & Challenges


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode of The Doctors are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

The Doctors: “Total Blackout” Dares & Kym Douglas Odd Beauty Products


The Doctors: Fear of the Unknown & Dr Ritu Chopra Cyst Removal

The Doctors: Energy Drink Dangers & Healthy Energy Alternatives

The Doctors February 19 2013 Preview

Expect the unexpected on The Doctors February 19! Our four favorite doctors will be ditching their lab coats and scrubs for something a bit more exciting. Forget formal medical discussions and words you can’t pronounce. The Doctors are going unscripted and it’s sure to be an unforgettable show.


The Drs: Total Blackout Review With Jaleel White

The Doctors February 19: "Total Blackout" Review & Challenges

The Doctors February 19 will feature Total Blackout challenges with host Jaleel White and plenty of unexpected, unscripted moments.

What happens when you totally lose one of your senses? It’s a scary thought, and the doctors are each putting this idea to the test. On The Doctors February 19, Jaleel White will appear from the new SyFy series Total Blackout. Jaleel is an actor and comedian known for playing lovable nerd Steve Urkel on the sitcom Family Matters. However, his new show is a lot more unpredictable!

On Total Blackout, contestants participate in a unique series of challenges unlike anything else on television. They’re asked to identify objects using only their hands or nose, or compete entirely in the dark. It doesn’t sound like too much fun to me, but the doctors will be testing their medical smarts and participating in Total Blackout challenges on February 19. Good luck!

The Doctors: Formula vs. Baby Food

If the doctors manage to make it through, they’ll also be sharing some valuable advice with viewers on February 19. Learn about new, healthy energy drink alternatives, and also find out the difference between formula and baby food. That, plus much more information – and who knows what else! – on this bold new episode of The Doctors.

Preview The Doctors February 19 in the video below, then don’t forget to check back with Recapo for any information you might have missed.


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