The Doctors: Birth Control Decides Dating Habits & CrankyFest Review


The Doctors June 12 2013 Preview

The Doctors have an all new episode June 12 2013 and they are holding nothing back. Dr. Lisa Masterson is explaining how the birth control you take could be determining a pretty big factor in your life without you knowing it. She is also looking at a new website called CrankyFest, for all those women who happen to be saying it is that time of the month. The Doctors are also looking at how hip or knee replacement surgery can help your love life.

The Doctors: Birth Control Decides Dating Habits & CrankyFest Review

The Doctors June 12 2013 are going over how birth control chooses who you date for you and they meet the creators of CrankyFest.


Knee Surgery Helps Love Life

There are lots of ways to spice up your love life but did you ever think getting knee replacement surgery or hip replacement surgery could actually make it better? The Doctors are going to explain how getting a new knee might be the key to spicing it up in the bedroom.

Birth Control Determines Type of Man a Woman Dates

You are in control of who you date. Right? Wrong. According to The Doctors, your birth control could actually be determining who you date without you even knowing it. The Doctors are going to explain how birth control takes over your hormones and chooses the man best fit to make a child with.

Flu-Like Symptoms Can Be Dedly

There is a new flu-like disease going around but it is much worse than the flu. Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Jim Sears go over the new dangerous disease that is sweeping across the country and affecting teens all over the country. This dangerous disease can cause the following:

  • Brain damage
  • Kidney disease
  • Hearing loss

Make sure to tune into The Doctors June 13 2013 to find out what this new disease is and how you can keep your family safe. If you miss any of the information from the show, stop back at Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a complete recap of the show.


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