The Doctors: Beat Junk Food Cravings & 14-Year-Old Burger Without Mold


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

The Doctors: 14-Year-Old Hamburger & Bacteria In Unpasteurized Juice


The Doctors: How Long Do Teeth Whitening and Lasik Eye Surgery Last?

The Doctors: Severe Morning Sickness & Preeclampsia Symptoms

The Doctors: How To Curb Cravings, Earworms & Effects Of Working Out


The Doctors April 22 2013 Preview

You probably know a few people who say juicing is the best way to stay healthy but is it really working to make you healthier? The Doctors are investigating the newest trend of juicing everything and revealing whether it is healthy or not. They are also going to teach everyone the tricks they need to beat junk food cravings. Plus, how do you know when a food item has gone bad? The Doctors are going to explain how on their April 22 2013 episode.

The Doctors: Beat Junk Food Cravings & 14-Year-Old Burger Without Mold

The Doctors April 22 2013 are going over the different expiration dates for a number of foods and they are explaining how to beat your junk food cravings.

The Doctors: Benefits of Juicing

Do the benefit of juicing outweigh the negatives? The Doctors are investigating the new trend to find out if it is more hype than it is healthy. They are going over the benefits of juicing, the negatives of juicing and explaining just how long something can last after it has been juiced.

How do you feel about juicing? Do you do it? Does it work? Does it not work? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below.

The Doctors: Beat Junk Food Cravings for Good

If junk food is your one vice than this is the episode for you. The Doctors are explaining how you can get past your junk food cravings for good and start eating healthier than you ever have before.

The Doctors: How Long Will Teeth Whitening Last?

Did you ever wonder how long after a teeth whitening is done that you amy start seeing some yellowing again? Did you know mold might not be growing on a burger you bought even though it is 14 years old? The Doctors are going over the different expiration dates for different foods and procedures you eat and use everyday.

Do you think you know the right expiration dates for everything in your home? They are going over how to gauge the safety of food without expiration dates, the bacteria that may be making you ill in food and we all know preservatives are working pretty good when food can stay fresh for years but how safe are the preservatives?

Make sure to tune into The Doctors April 22 2013 to find out just how long everything in your fridge lasts. If you miss any of this expiration date information, stop by Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a full recap of the show.


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