The Doctors: Baby Yoga Outrage & Kid-Friendly Smoothie


The Doctors: Baby Yoga Controversy

Have you heard about Baby Yoga? It’s a controversial health practice that has some parents and health officials concerned. The Doctors are actually horrified about the shocking video they’ll be sharing of Baby Yoga being practiced on a screaming toddler. You’ll be horrified to see what someone is doing to their baby in this outrageous video.

They are speaking out about this and the health dangers it can pose for infants, coming up on their April 9 2012 episode. Learn the reasons why this practice is so risky for developing babies, and what has The Doctors so concerned about what they are seeing. Is this Baby Yoga or Child Abuse? The Doctors speak out on this upcoming episode.


The Drs: Smoothies for Kids

Dr. Jim Sears shares his Kids Smoothie Recipe on April 9 2012.

The Drs TV: Home Fertility & Smoother Skin Treatments

It’s not all bad news coming up on The Doctors. They will also spend time on more ideas you’ll want to try. See how they can help you shrink a whole dress size. Plus, advice on increasing your chances for fertility without even leaving the house. That’s convenient, and more private than spending an hour in someone’s waiting room.

Also, the team has the latest advice on how to get smoother, sexier skin. Then, if you have unwanted body hair, but you aren’t sure what to do about it, find out about a way you can take care of that hair for good. These are just some of the tips coming up on the April 9 2012 episode of The Doctors.


The Doctors: Kid Smoothie Recipe

Dr. Jim Sears is also sharing his ingredients for the perfect smoothie your kids will be begging to try. You won’t want to say no once you find out how good it is for them. That’s among the many simple tricks The Doctors will be sharing to help you improve your health and happiness in less than one hour.

If you’re ready to find out the latest secrets, plus the beauty product dangers you might never suspect, don’t miss The Doctors on April 9 2012. Set your DVR now so you don’t forget to tune in.



  1. says

    Just saw the video of the unstable, unattached from reality lady throwing and spinning babies and calling it yoga. I am so saddened by this. Excerise and activities should be fun and safe. These babies clearly arent enjoying this. Whats the difference from this then strapping your little one to a roller coaster well at least the child would be secure at all times. Babies are made for cuddling and holding. This lady and all followers should be facing jail time for child abuse.

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