The Doctors April 30: TMI Tuesday Bodily Functions You Can’t Control


The Doctors April 30 2013 Preview

An all-new Tuesday episode of The Doctors can mean only one thing: TMI Tuesday! This week, The Doctors will be tackling even more of your most embarrassing health questions. So, how’s this for embarrassing: Tuesday’s topic of discussion will be bodily functions that you can’t control. It looks like The Doctors April 30 should be a TMI Tuesday unlike any other. Here’s more on this upcoming episode. Will you be tuning in?

The Doctors April 30: TMI Tuesday Bodily Functions You Can't Control

The Doctors April 30 will feature information on bodily functions you can’t control on TMI Tuesday.


Bodily Functions You Can’t Control

Do you ever have painful gas that you just can’t control? Have you ever had to run to the bathroom at the most inappropriate time? What about uncontrollable tears, tags and even hemorrhoids? The Doctors will be answering these questions and more on Tuesday, April 30. You’ll want to learn the best remedies for these common body problems.

If it’s private, shocking or embarrassing, then rest assured – it will be covered on TMI Tuesday! The Doctors will also be featuring information on mysterious vibrating sensations, painful problems “down there” and more of the things you’ve always wanted to know, but were too embarrassed to ask about. Join The Doctors and their distinguished panel of colleagues and medical experts for cringe-worthy, yet medically accurate, discussions.

Veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell

On TMI Tuesday, not even your dog is off-limits! The Doctors will be joined by veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell for an explanation on Fido’s most embarrassing behavior. I don’t know about you, but with my dog, it’s all about barking uncontrollably.  She’s even tried to bite the cable guy a few times (good thing she’s small). I’m curious to know what advice Dr. Campbell has to offer on our beloved, but embarrassing, family pets.



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