The Doctors April 24: Nurse Refuses CPR & Tips For Smooth Bikini Lines


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

The Doctors: Dying Elderly Woman Refused CPR & Good Samaritan Law


The Drs: Dr. Travis Bump Removal, Audience Skin Concerns & Mole Biopsy

The Drs: Dr. Travis Shape House Sweat Lodge & Healthy Oatmeal Benefits

The Doctors April 24 2013 Preview

The Doctors return with an all-new episode on April 24 2013. On Wednesday’s show, they’ll be asking the question, “leave it on or take it off?” Plus, an investigation into a shocking medical news story, tips for achieving a smooth bikini line, and much more. Here’s what’s happening on this upcoming episode of The Doctors April 24. Will you be tuning in?


The Doctors April 24: Nurse Refuses CPR & Tips For Smooth Bikini Lines

The Doctors April 24 will feature information on lumps, bumps, razor burn and other irritations, plus the latest on a shocking medical news story.

The Drs: Nurse Refuses CPR

Why would a nurse refuse to perform CPR in a life-or-death situation? Learn more about the recent news story that has Dr. Travis Stork and the gang all fired up. Hear the shocking 911 call and learn why a patient had to wait seven minutes until help arrived. This story also raises several important ethical and moral questions. Should someone ever ask themselves, “what’s my liability?” when faced with a life-threatening situation? It’s an important Doctors debate you won’t want to miss.

The Doctors: When To Leave It On Or Take It Off

Then, The Doctors April 24 will be featuring an investigation of a very different kind. When it comes to bumps, lumps, pimples and irritations, find out when to leave it on or take it off. The Doctors will be sharing the important information you need, as well as helpful tips for avoiding razor burn and achieving a smooth, beach-ready bikini line.

All that, plus a recipe for a healthy, low-calorie breakfast wrap, Dr. Travis’ visit to a Los Angeles sweat lodge and much more. I’m sure a lot of ladies will be tuning in, if only to catch Dr. Travis without his shirt on. See you there! Catch a preview of this episode in the video below.


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