The Doctors April 23: Smoothing Cellulite & Hollywood Body Image


Recapo Update: The articles for this episode are now online. Take a look at each segment below.

The Doctors: Spreading Cold Sores & Does Medication Cause Body Odor?


The Doctors: Tips For Preventing Cellulite & How To Avoid Chafing

The Doctors: Split Toenail Removal Procedure & Excessive Drooling

The Doctors: Kari Wuhrer Breast Augmentation & Positive Body Image


The Doctors April 23 2013 Preview

You won’t want to miss an all-new episode of The Doctors April 23 2013. It’s Tuesday morning on The Doctors, and you know what that means: TMI Tuesday. This time around, all of your most uncomfortable questions will be answered, from top to bottom! Here’s more on what we’ll be catching on The Doctors April 23. Don’t forget to tune in, and check back later with Recapo for all the health information covered, plus much more.

The Drs: Cold Sore Information

The Doctors April 23: Smoothing Cellulite & Hollywood Body Image

Get ready for bikini season! The Doctors April 23 will be sharing tips for smoothing cellulite and more on TMI Tuesday.

Cold sores are an embarrassing, yet thoroughly common, health issue. The uncomfortable, unsightly sores are caused by the herpes virus and are easily transmitted from person to person. If you suffer from cold sores – or are just curious to learn more about them – don’t miss The Doctors April 23.

The Doctors: Tips For Smoothing Cellulite

It’s almost bathing suit season, ladies! While many women are currently hitting the gym to prepare for those itsy bitsy summer bikinis, there’s one unfortunate body problem that no amount of exercise can fix: cellulite. Even the thinnest women can suffer from cellulite, which can make you want to grab that cover up. Before you hit the beach, learn the Doctors’ tips for smoothing cellulite. I’m sure plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon will have this topic fully covered.

Plus, more information on backside issues, like even an adult diaper rash. Sounds like fun!

The Drs: Body Image & Surprise Hollywood Star

Then, The Doctors April 23 will be welcoming a very special surprise guest. They’ll be joined by a Hollywood star for a discussion on body image and filming those awkward love scenes. You’ll have to tune in to The Doctors April 23 to find out who she is!


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