The Doctors: Age Fighting Secrets & How To Look Hot In Photos


The Doctors: Age Fighting Secrets

Are you feeling your age lately? Or worse, do you feel like you’re showing your age? Though we can’t slow down how fast the days, months, and years go by, there are some ways we can try to manage the effects of aging on our bodies, our faces, and our skin.

Coming up on the April 27 2012 episode of The Doctors, learn the latest advances in anti-aging beauty tricks and secrets. One of the show’s hot topics on this episode is a huge medical advance in plastic surgery.


The Doctors: Look Younger

The Doctors are giving you tips to look years younger & healthier on April 27 2012.

If needles have been keeping you from undergoing cosmetic procedures, there’s good news. You don’t have to be afraid anymore. Now you can get the same type of effect in fighting wrinkles and healing your skin by using a radiofrequency treatment instead of an injection.

That’s just one of the new ways The Doctors are showing you to look and feel younger, inside and out, on their next all new episode, airing April 27 2012. Have you set your DVR yet?


The Drs TV: Look 30 At 50

Do you want to take 20 years off your appearance? One grandmother has figured out a beauty treatment that does just that. See her remarkable, amazing results. Plus, find out how you can get this treatment for yourself, and all the resources at your disposal to help you put your best face forward. That’s coming up on an all new edition of The Doctors for Friday April 27 2012.

The Doctors: Look Hot In Photos

If you’ve seen your friends’ Facebook photos lately, you’ve probably noticed that some people are naturally photogenic, while others just don’t seem to photograph well. What is the secret to this? Do you want to know how to always look your best in pictures? There are a few simple secrets that you can use the next time you find a camera pointed at you.

Check out these suggestions and much more when The Doctors share their anti-aging secrets to looking youthful and feeling beautiful. That’s on April 27 2012, so don’t miss it.


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