The Doctors: 3 New Super Foods & 10 Questions, 10 Female Specialists


Recapo Update: This episode of The Doctors has aired. Click the links below to find out how humans can grow horns and why your water eyes may be due to them being too dry:

The Doctors May 8 2013 Preview

The Doctors have a show for their male viewers May 8 2013. Remember when they brought on the most beautiful doctors in America? Well, on May 8 2013, they are bringing on 10 of the top female specialists in their field to go over the best ways to lose weight, end pain and look your best.


The Doctors: 3 New Super Foods & 10 Questions, 10 Female Specialists

The Doctors May 8 2013 are talking with 10 female specialists who are answering 10 questions about new super foods, ending pain and dropping weight.

Dr. Travis Stork is sitting down with all these specialists to pick their brains and get the information you want.

How To Get a Flatter Stomach Without Exercise

Did you ever think it would be possible to get a flatter stomach without ever doing a single sit-up? It can be done and The Doctors have just the specialist to show you how it’s possible.


Super Foods To Drop Super Weight

If you have watched The Doctors before then your know eating the right foods can do wonders for your body. The Doctors are revealing three more super foods that can help you lose weight simply by adding them to your diet.

What do you think these three new super foods could be? Let us know your guess in the comment section below.

Side Effects Of Fertility Drugs

Taking any kind of drug is going to offer some kind of side effect but do you know the potential side effects of taking fertility drugs? The Doctors are going over all the side effects from the drug, from the positive to the negative, and giving their recommendations on whether these types of drugs should be taken.

Make sure to tune in to The Doctors May 8 2013 to learn whether the side effects of fertility drugs outweigh the potential benefits of the drug. If you miss any of the information from the show, stop by Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a complete recap of the show. We will even have videos of the smart, successful and beautiful doctors from the show.


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