Tethered Cord Syndrome: The Doctors July 23 2012 Preview


The Doctors July 23 2012 Preview: Pain May Not Be What You Think

We all have good days and bad days. There are certain life situations or medical issues that you associate with pain, such as pregnancy and childbirth. But how can you tell when the pain you’re experiencing is normal, or could be a sign of something more serious? That’s a question The Doctors July 23 2012 show will tackle, illustrating and informing viewers through a variety of cases.

Toothache Vs Sinus Pain: The Doctors July 23 2012 Preview

Could your toothache actually reflect sinus problems? The Doctors July 23 2012 show explored pains that may not be what you think.


Should you be concerned that your back pain will lead to spinal surgery? When are pregnancy pains a sign of something you should be worried about? Those are questions The Doctors team will explore in their upcoming show, to arm you with useful health information that could make a difference in the life of someone who is important to you. Don’t miss The Doctors July 23 2012.

The Doctors Preview: Toothaches & Armpit Pain

Could your sinuses actually be at the root of your toothache? How do you know what’s really behind your armpit pain? And what was so controversial about a music video that it’s now going to be debated on The Doctors? These hot topics and burning questions are all up for discussion when The Doctors July 23 2012 comes to your TV. Set your DVR for this hour of learning and information.

If you can’t see the show, don’t forget you can always read about the day’s segments, product reviews and more right here on Recapo. Learn how to tell whether your oral care needs are related to dental issues or sinus problems. Hear both sides of a music video controversy. Also, get the inside story on a dramatic medical condition known as Tethered Cord Syndrome.


This is what you have to look forward to when The Doctors July 23 2012 episode tackles Unexplained Pains that may not be what you think. Knowing the real cause will help you and your doctor pursue the best course of treatment. Don’t miss this eye opening show, coming to The Doctors July 23 2012.



  1. maureen wells says

    I am an avid watcher of your show; but I’m disappointed in trying to get back to subjects on line.
    You’re not ‘user’ friendly.
    Maureen Wells

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