Teen Breast Implants & Lying Risks: The Doctors August 28 2012 Preview


Preview: The Doctors August 28 2012

Lying Health Risks: The Doctors August 28 2012 Preview

The Doctors August 28 2012 show will discuss lying health risks and a teen breast implant controversy.

Would you want your teenage daughter to get breast implants? The Doctors August 28 2012 episode is taking a hard look at a story that generated nationwide controversy. The team will meet a teen girl who had breast implants. But there’s another twist: her plastic surgeon was her father. This scandalous story will have The Doctors and the audience taking sides in a chat about cosmetic health and elective procedures, as well as parental responsibility.


At what age do you feel it’s appropriate for a woman to pursue breast augmentation? Is it ever ethical for a doctor to operate on a family member? These are just a few of the questions raised by this controversial conversation, and you’ll see it on The Doctors August 28 2012 show.

The Doctors: Lying Health Risks

Also coming up on The Doctors, when is the last time you told a lie? Was it a little white lie or something serious that could have consequences in your life? The next time you are stringing together a tall tie, The Doctors are giving you something more to think about. Did you know that there are actual health symptoms associated with telling lies? You’ll want to find out what is at stake for your health before you fudge the truth one more time.

Some of these physiological symptoms are also a factor in the ability to tell whether someone else is lying. If you have teenagers or suspect that your employees are up to something, you’ll want to grab a few quick tips about how to spot a liar. Decide for yourself whether it is worth the health consequences. Check out The Doctors August 28 2012 episode for these and more compelling health stories.


The Doctors team will also share ideas to help you redo your ‘do, and beauty expert Kym Douglass will be on hand to explain her definition of a “fakeover” makeover. Get information about chronic pain management and discover the lengths some businesses will go to for business from obese customers. It’s all next on The Doctors August 28 2012 show.


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