Summer Survival Guide: The Doctors August 1 2012 Preview


The Doctors August 1 2012 Preview

Are you spending summer at the beach or laying out by the pool? The Doctors August 1 2012 show is your summer survival guide, with tips to keep you healthy and happy all season long. Get dozens of tips from The Doctors team to keep you feeling beautiful and avoiding summer health risks that could threaten you or your family.

The Doctors August 1 2012 Preview: Summer Survival

The Doctors August 1 2012 episode is a summer survival guide, with health and safety tips and diet advice.


When’s the last time you visited the beach? You probably remember that you came back with sand everywhere and in all your stuff. But are there any health concerns you should be aware of? The Doctors will discuss what you need to watch out for in the sand to protect your health this summer.

Also, are you careful to protect your skin anytime you go out in the summer sun? Be sure to find out what plastic surgeon Dr Andrew Ordon recommends to keep your skin looking young, beautiful, and healthy so you avoid a visit to his office in the future.

The Doctors: Fruit Salad & Summer Health

What you’re eating in the summer can play a huge role in keeping you healthy. Getting your diet in shape can pay off throughout your life with long term results. Find out what fruit salad has to do with all this advice, and learn about the fat burning power of the average orange when you check out The Doctors August 1 2012 show.


This summer survival guide is full of useful information you can retain or share with others to keep everyone you know protected and healthy throughout the rest of this long, hot, dry summer. Learn about the diet benefits of fresh apples. Do they really keep the doctor away after all?

Plus, are your children safe when it comes to playing in the sun? Pediatrician Dr Jim Sears will share the latest information of concern to parents of young children. Discover what you must know about keeping kids safe in the heat. You’ll be glad you spent some time checking out The Doctors August 1 2012 show. Don’t miss it, but if you do, count on Recapo to bring you all the highlights and info from this show.


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