Medical Makeovers: The Doctors September 26 2012 Preview


The Doctors September 26 2012

The Doctors September 26 2012 episode is all about makeovers, medical style. Viewers will get to witness five of the most amazing medical makeovers ever performed. I have a feeling there will be some weight loss transformations on the show!

The Doctors: Twitching Eyelids for 20 Years

We’ve all experienced a twitching eyelid. Usually my eyelid twitches when I’m stressed or haven’t gotten enough sleep. Imagine if that twitching didnt stop for 20 years, like one man that will be on The Doctors tomorrow. I think I would go a little crazy! How would you handle it? Do your eyelids ever twitch?


The Doctors: Teeth Transformations

There is a new breakthrough procedure to fix decaying and crumbling teeth in just one day! I bet we will see a lot of this on tomorrow’s show. I wonder if this process is similar to getting veneers?

Medical Makeovers: The Doctors September 26 2012 Preview

The Doctors September 26 2012 will perform a cutting-edge new procedure to replace decaying teeth.

Obviously the better you take care of your teeth, the healthier they’ll be and the longer they’ll last, but it’s nice to know that there’s a solution for people whose teeth are falling apart. I can’t imagine letting my teeth get that bad though! Did you or someone you know have a procedure done to fix your teeth?


My parents spent a lot of money on braces…the least I can do is take care of the teeth I have!

The Doctors: Shoulder Surgery

A man that will appear on tomorrow’s episode of The Doctors went in for surgery on a slipped disc. When he woke up, he had a paralyzed shoulder and was unable to speak! Can you even imagine that? I bet if he could talk he would have a lot to say to his surgeons!

The Doctors will perform a cutting edge procedure on the man to try to fix his shoulder, and hopefully his voice too! He must have some sort of crazy nerve damage. Do you think the procedure will work?


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