Look & Feel Younger Than You Did in High School: The Doctors August 30


The Doctors August 30 2012

The Doctors August 30 2012 is all about looking and feeling younger than you did in high school. Don’t think it’s possible? Think again! From fitness supplements to fasting, The Doctors will be examining some procedures, tips, diets and tricks to keep you healthy and fit.

The Doctors: Mid-Air Meltdown and Moldy Tampons

The Doctors August 30 2012 Preview

Learn how to look and feel healthy, young, and fit with The Doctors August 30.


First off, the Doctors will discuss some recent health-related news stories making headlines. When a Jet Blue Pilot appeared to suffer a mental breakdown mid-flight, it had a lot of frequent air travelers concerned about their safety. How should a situation such as this one be handled? One of the passengers who was on that flight, former NYPD Sergeant Paul, described how he attempted to control the scary situation.

What would you do if you found mold growing on a brand new tampon? The Doctors also spoke with blogger Danielle, who encountered this exact situation. OB/GYN Dr Masterson helped to explain why and how this could happen, and where you should store your tampons so that they stay clean and ready-to-use.

The Doctors: Knee Surgery, Fitness Supplements, Fasting & More

Since The Doctors August 30 is all about looking and feeling healthy, young, and fit, the Doctors will be taking a look at some procedures and products that may (or may not) help you achieve your best health. Several experts will join the Doctors to examine the effectiveness of things such as fitness supplements, fasting, and costly dental procedures.


Plus, we’ll meet Craig, a man who has lived with knee pain for over twenty-five years. Orthopedic surgeon Dr  Mark Adickes will examine Craig in attempt to find the source for his chronic pain. He will also share great advice on how staying active can help you maintain fitness, even with a painful knee injury.


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