Kids Sleeping Pills & Scented Candle Dangers: The Doctors July 4 2012


The Doctors July 4 2012 Preview: Kids Sleeping Pills

Kids Sleeping Pills: The Doctors July 4 2012 Preview

The Doctors July 4 2012 show will discuss kids sleeping pills and scented candle dangers, among other health topics.

Parents know that getting kids to go to sleep can sometimes be a challenge. But is it ever OK to use sleeping medications or over the counter products with drowsiness side effects to help your child drift off to sleep? The Doctors July 4 2012 episode will tackle this controversial topic and the team will share their perspectives on this important parenting and health issue.


The show will explain how medications have different effects on children vs adults, and give advice on how to get your children sleeping better now, so they don’t have insomnia issues as they get older.

Scented Candle Dangers: The Doctors July 4 2012

Candles can be a great way to keep your space smelling fresh and inviting. But could they also be putting you or your guests at certain health risks? Find out what you didn’t know about the ingredients that are used in scented candles, and the pre-existing conditions they can aggravate. Could this be affecting your family or friends? Tune in to The Doctors July 4 2012 show to get the story and see for yourself.

It turns out that scented candles can be especially dangerous for children, and the team will explain the reasons behind that on the next episode. They will also offer some alternatives to create pleasant aromas in your home without having to deal with the consequences of candles.


The Doctors July 4 2012: Your Actions Have Side Effects

Everything we put in our bodies leads to some time of reaction. We understand this with something as simple as nutrition. But when it comes to medication, we may not always think about it. That’s one of the themes The Doctors July 4 2012 show will explore. The team will look in depth at the story of a diabetes patient and how the disease has affected his life.

The team will also be sharing advice about how to handle a bully, whether to finish your antibiotic prescription, and other viewer questions. Don’t miss The Doctors July 4 2012 episode. Be sure to set your DVR for this show so you don’t miss any of The Doctors’ advice or opinions.


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